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2023's Leading Remote Companies

By Julia Keller

Last updated: Apr 27, 2023

In the past few years, remote work has become increasingly popular as more people seek flexibility in their work lives, and many companies shift towards a remote-first model to attract and retain top talent. In this article, we'll look at the top 25 remote-first startups that have successfully embraced this new way of working.

As remote work continues to become the new normal, many startups are opting to adopt a remote-first approach to their operations. These companies are not only reaping the benefits of a more flexible work environment but are also attracting top talent from all over the world. In this article, we'll take a closer look at 25 remote-first startups leading the way in the remote work revolution.

From tech companies to wellness brands, these startups are proving that a remote-first approach is not only possible, but can also lead to increased productivity, happier employees, and overall success.


DocSumo is a fast-growing technology company that specializes in automated data extraction and document processing. With its cutting-edge AI technology, DocSumo helps businesses streamline their document-based workflows, saving them time and money. Its software is used by a diverse range of industries, from financial services to healthcare, to improve efficiency and accuracy in their operations.


Noteable is an innovative music education platform that leverages the power of technology to make learning music more engaging, effective, and accessible. With its user-friendly interface and personalized curriculum, Noteable offers students of all ages and skill levels a fun and interactive way to learn how to play an instrument or improve their musical skills. The platform also provides teachers with powerful tools to create and manage lesson plans, track student progress, and collaborate with other instructors.


Weaviate is a cutting-edge open-source knowledge graph platform that leverages machine learning to help organizations make sense of complex data. With its powerful indexing and search capabilities, Weaviate enables businesses to easily find, connect, and analyze data from multiple sources, turning it into valuable insights and knowledge. The platform is designed to be highly scalable and customizable, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases, from healthcare to finance to e-commerce.


Hopin is a virtual and hybrid events platform that enables businesses and organizations to host online events, webinars, and conferences. With Hopin, organizers can create customizable event experiences that include features such as live video, chat, polls, and Q&A sessions. By providing a seamless and interactive platform for events, Hopin is helping businesses and organizations to connect with their audiences, no matter where they are located.


EcoCart is a revolutionary e-commerce platform that helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and fight climate change. By integrating with online stores, EcoCart enables customers to offset the carbon emissions generated by their purchases with a few clicks, making it easy and affordable to shop sustainably. The platform also provides businesses with valuable sustainability metrics and insights, allowing them to track their progress towards becoming more environmentally responsible.

Divvy Homes

Divvy Homes is a modern alternative to traditional home buying that enables renters to purchase their dream home without a down payment or a mortgage. With Divvy Homes, renters can gradually build equity in their home by making monthly payments that go towards ownership. By offering a flexible and accessible path to homeownership, Divvy Homes is helping renters achieve their dreams of owning a home.


Okcoin is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Founded in 2013, Okcoin has quickly grown to become one of the most trusted and reputable exchanges in the industry, with a focus on security, compliance, and customer support. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, making it easy for both beginners and experienced traders to navigate the world of cryptocurrency.

The Remote Company

Leading by example, The Remote Company is a fully remote organization that provides tools and services to help remote teams work more efficiently and productively. Their suite of products includes virtual private network (VPN) services, project management software, and HR management tools. By providing a range of solutions tailored to the needs of remote teams, The Remote Company is helping to support the growth of the remote work movement.


Moxion is a company that offers innovative and sustainable power solutions. Their products are designed to outperform diesel generators in terms of performance, while eliminating the noise, toxic emissions, and high fuel consumption associated with traditional generators. Moxion's solutions are environmentally friendly and cost-effective, making them an attractive option for a wide range of industries, from construction and events to remote communities and emergency response.

Salad Technologies

Salad Technologies is a blockchain-based computing platform that allows users to earn rewards for contributing their computer's idle processing power to help power decentralized networks. With its user-friendly interface and straightforward approach, Salad Technologies makes it easy for anyone to participate in the growing world of decentralized computing and earn cryptocurrency. The platform is used by a wide range of individuals and organizations, from gamers and hobbyists to researchers and enterprises, looking to tap into the power of blockchain technology.


Eberjey is a luxury lingerie and swimwear brand that was founded in 1996 by two friends, Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito. The brand is known for its comfortable and feminine designs, which are made from high-quality fabrics and feature intricate detailing. Eberjey has expanded beyond lingerie and swimwear to offer a range of loungewear, pajamas, and accessories that embody its relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic.


Anvyl is a modern supply chain platform that helps businesses manage their manufacturing processes more efficiently. Their cloud-based platform provides end-to-end visibility and collaboration across the entire supply chain, from sourcing to production, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and reduce costs. With a focus on data analytics and actionable insights, Anvyl is helping businesses make more informed decisions and drive continuous improvement in their supply chain management.


Air is a productivity and collaboration software company that provides a streamlined and intuitive platform for managing tasks and projects. Their software allows individuals and teams to stay organized and on top of their work, while also facilitating communication and collaboration across the organization. With features such as task tracking, file sharing, and team messaging, Air is helping businesses of all sizes increase productivity and efficiency.


Finch is a financial technology company that offers a range of tools and services to help individuals and businesses better manage their money. Their platform provides users with real-time insights into their finances, as well as automated budgeting and savings tools. Additionally, Finch allows businesses to securely access their customers' census, payroll, and benefits data across hundreds of HRIS and payroll systems with a single integration, making financial management even more efficient and streamlined.


Uizard is a software company that uses cutting-edge technology to transform the way businesses create and design digital interfaces. Their AI-powered platform allows users to transform hand-drawn sketches and wireframes into functional prototypes and design assets in minutes. With a focus on usability, Uizard is helping businesses create better digital experiences for their customers, while also streamlining their design process and reducing time-to-market.


Doorvest is a real estate investment company that enables individuals to invest in single-family rental properties without the traditional barriers to entry, such as high costs and the need for specialized knowledge. Their online platform provides users with an easy and intuitive way to browse, buy, and manage rental properties, with features such as property management and rent collection services. With a focus on transparency and affordability, Doorvest is helping individuals build wealth through real estate investment.


Mode is a data analytics platform that empowers businesses to derive insights from their data and make better decisions. Their cloud-based platform provides a wide range of tools and features for data exploration, visualization, and modeling, allowing users to quickly and easily uncover insights and patterns in their data. With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, Mode is helping businesses of all sizes harness the power of data to drive growth and success.


Going, formerly known as Scott's Cheap Flights, is a travel company that helps individuals find and book affordable flights. Their platform scours the web for the best flight deals, alerting users to sales and promotions in real-time. With a focus on affordability and convenience, Going is helping individuals travel more frequently and explore the world without breaking the bank.


Warmly is a software company that provides tools and features to help sales professionals build better relationships with their customers. Their AI-powered platform provides real-time insights and prompts for salespeople during customer interactions, helping them to personalize their outreach and deepen relationships. With a focus on relationship-building and customer engagement, Warmly is helping businesses increase sales and drive growth.


Doist is a productivity software company that offers a suite of tools designed to help individuals and teams manage their tasks, projects, and communications. Their products, including Todoist and Twist, are used by millions of people around the world to stay organized, focused, and collaborative. With a remote-first approach and a commitment to user privacy, Doist is changing the way people work and collaborate in the digital age.


Spotify is a music streaming platform that provides access to millions of songs, podcasts, and other audio content from around the world. Their platform offers personalized recommendations and curated playlists, making it easy for users to discover new music and content that aligns with their tastes. With over 365 million monthly active users across 178 markets, Spotify is one of the largest and most popular music streaming services globally.


Loom is a video messaging platform that enables users to create and share quick videos to communicate more effectively with their teams. With Loom, users can record and share videos of their screen, camera, or both, making it easy to explain ideas, give feedback, and share knowledge. By facilitating more personal and engaging communication, Loom is helping teams stay connected and productive, no matter where they're located.


Pipefy is a no-code workflow automation platform that enables teams to streamline their business processes and workflows. With Pipefy, teams can design custom workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and track progress, all within a single platform. By simplifying and automating complex business processes, Pipefy is helping teams to work more efficiently, saving time and resources.


Droppe is a modern and innovative logistics company that helps businesses streamline their supply chain operations. Their cloud-based platform provides end-to-end visibility and control over the logistics process, from procurement to delivery, enabling businesses to optimize their operations and reduce costs. With a focus on customer service and technology-driven solutions, Droppe is revolutionizing the logistics industry by providing fast, reliable, and efficient logistics services to businesses of all sizes.


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