The AI Native Vector Database Weaviate is an open-source vector database. It allows you to store data objects and vector embeddings from your favorite ML-models, and scale seamlessly into billions of data objects. Our product enables companies to create meaningful insights from their unstructured d... Read more







Org chart

Bob van Luijt
CEO & co-founder

Bob van Luijt

Etienne Dilocker
CTO & Co-Founder
Sebastian Stefan Witalec
Head of Developer Relations
Jessie de Groot
Head of People & Culture
Head of Design
Byron Voorbach
Head of Sales Engineering
Emma O'Keefe
Head of Customer Success
Philip Vollet
Head of Developer Growth
Jobi George
Head of Partnerships
Patrick Das
Executive Business Manager
Laura Stoye
Executive Assistant
Alea Abed
Head of Marketing
Jenna Zarum
Chief of Staff
future hire
Head of Sales


Be kind

Our people make it all happen. They are kind, respectful and show empathy towards others. They are generous with their time. Our people make working at Weaviate a joy. Their kindness is the magic, which contributes to our success.

Strive for excellence

To create an experience that resonates with others, we must surpass expectations. So be ambitious, take ownership and dream big dreams. We do what’s good for our customers and our community. If striving for excellence is part of your mindset, then you’ll feel right at home.

Encourage transparency

Be transparent - by default. Share your knowledge and expertise with your Weaviate colleagues and our open-source community. Encourage others to do the same. Share the good and the bad. Never stop learning. And be open to new perspectives.

Work together as one

Weaviate is about teamwork, sharing responsibility and learning from one another. We combine our different perspectives and support each other to move forward. If you need them, your colleagues are there for you to lend a helping hand.

Inspire trust

By inspiring trust, we give you the freedom to explore new technologies and the world around you. As optimists, we expect the best in people. Choose where you want to work and how. Expand your skill set and abilities. The opportunities will be many. It’s up to you to determine your path forward.