Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, also known as Taiwan Semiconductor, operates as a semiconductor foundry.





Org chart

C. C. Wei
Vice Chairman & CEO

C. C. Wei

BJ Woo
VP Office of Strategic Customer Program
Cliff Hou
SVP, Research & Development and Technology Development
David Keller
President & CEO, TSMC North America
Doug Yu
Vice President, Research & Development / Integrated Interconnect Packaging
J.K. Lin
SVP, Information Technology, Materials Management & Risk Management
Kevin Zhang
SVP, Business Development
Lora Ho
SVP, Europe and Asia Sales
M.C. Tzeng
VP Operations
Makoto Onodera
President of TSMC Japan
Michael Wu
VP, Research & Development, Platform Development
Min Cao
VP R&D Pathfinding
N.S. Tsai
VP Quality & Reliability
Rick Cassidy
SVP, Corporate Strategy Office
Roger Luo
President of TSMC China & President of TSMC Nanjing
Simon Jang
VP, Research & Development, Advanced Tool and Module Development
Sylvia Fang
VP Legal and General Counsel
T.S. Chang
TSMC Fellow and VP, Operations / Advanced Technology and Mask Engineering
Wei-Jen Lo
SVP, Research & Development and Technology Development
Wendell Huang
Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer / Spokesperson
Y.J. Mii
SVP, Research & Development and Technology Development
Y.L. Wang
VP, Operations / Fab Operations
Y.P. Chin
SVP, Operations
Jun He
VP, Quality & Reliability
C.S. Yoo
VP of R&D, More-than-Moore Technologies
Chris Horng - Dar Lin
VP, Corporate Information Technology & Chief Information Officer
Geoffrey Yeap
VP, Research & Development, Platform Development
Jonathan Lee
VP, Corporate Planning Organization
Arthur Chuang
VP, Operations & Facility
K.C. Hsu
VP, Research & Development
Y.H. Liaw
VP, Operations
Paul De Bot
General Manager, TSMC Europe
Ray Chuang
VP, Operations & Fab Operations I