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Org chart

Paul Alivisatos

Geertrui Spaepen
Chief of Staff
Andy Ward
VP & Chief Investment Officer
Katie Callow-Wright
VP, Secretary & Chief of Staff, Office of the President
Aytek Oto
EVP & CFO, University of Chicago Medical Center & Health System
Kevin Boyd
AVP for Information Technology & CIO
Heather Crews
Chief of Staff Science, Innovation & Global Initiatives
Lori Berko
Chief of Staff
Mario Moreno Zepeda
Chief of Staff
Brenda Battle
VP, Care Delivery Innovation, Urban Health Initiative & Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Everett E. Vokes
Physician-in-Chief, Medical Center
Jeffrey Matthews
Surgeon-in-Chief, Medical Center
Juan De Pablo
EVP, Science, Innovation, National Laboratories & Global Initiatives
Mark Anderson
EVP, Medical Affairs & Dean, Division of the Biological Sciences & Dean, Pritzer School of Medicine
Kim Taylor
VP & General Counsel
Paul M. Rand
VP, Communications
James G. Nondorf
VP, Enrollment & Student Advancement & Dean of College Admissions and Financial Aid
Lori Berko
VP & Secretary of the University
Armin Afsahi
VP, Alumni Relations & Development
Tracy McCabe
Associate Vice President
Paul Castellucci
AVP & University Budget Director
Liam Schwartz
AVP, Institutional Analysis
Katie Hrinyak
AVP, Global Initiatives & Strategy
Susan Popa
AVP, Leadership Development & Strategy
Nadia M. Quarles
AVP, Business Diversity
Brooke Carrell
Assistant Provost & Executive Director, UChicagoGRAD Experience
Courtney Davis Curtis
Executive Director, Risk Management
Beth Niestat
Assistant Provost & Executive Director, UChicagoGRAD Administration & Policy
Loryn Mischke
MD, Strategy, Prakhar Bansal
Angel Ysaguirre
Executive Director, Court Theatre
Lia Merminga
Director, Fermilab
Charles Newell
Artistic Director, Court Theatre
Paul Kearns
Director, Argonne National Laboratory
Jill Sterrett
Interim Director, Smart Museum
Nipam Patel
Director, Marine Biological Laboratory
Melissa Sherwin
Director, Provost Communications
Christine Marrie
Assistant Director
Janice Cobb
Assistant Director
Tiana Pyer-Pereira
Associate Director
Victoria Flores
Associate Director
Jonathan Trotter
Assistant Director, Faculty Recognition & Awards
Denyse Jeter
Executive Assistant, University Communications, News Office
Laila Rashid
Interim VP, Alumni Relations & Development
Angelica M. Marks
AVP, Real Estate Operations
Benjamin Gibson
VP, Governmental Affairs
Trudy Vincent
AVP, Federal Relations
T. Conrad Gilliam
Dean for Basic Science, Biological Sciences Division & the Pritzker School of Medicine
Daniel Abebe
Vice Provost
Jason Merchant
Vice Provost
Michael Hopkins
Vice Provost for Research Infrastructure
Erin J. Adams
Vice Provost for Research
Catriona MacLeod
Vice Provost
Katherine D. Kinzler
Vice Provost for Academic Career Advancement
Dillan Siegler
Associate Provost
Bridget Le Loup Collier
Associate Provost, Equal Opportunity Programs
Ingrid Gould
Senior Associate Provost
Blair Archambeau
Senior Associate Provost
Amanda Woodward
Dean, Social Sciences Division
Angela V. Olinto
Dean, Physical Sciences Division
Deborah Gorman-Smith
Dean, School of Social Service Administration
John W. Boyer
Dean, The College
Katherine Baicker
Dean, Harris School of Public Policy Studies
Madhav Rajan
Dean, Chicago Booth School of Business
Matthew Tirrell
Dean, Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering
Michele Rasmussen
Dean of Students in the University
Thomas J. Miles
Dean, Law School
James T. Robinson
Interim Dean, Divinity School
Seth Green
Dean, Graham School of Continuing Liberal & Professional Studies
Deborah L. Nelson
Dean, Division of the Humanities
Torsten Reimer
University Librarian & Dean of the University Library
Nadya Mason
Dean of the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering
Timothy P. Harrison
Dean, Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies: Seth Green
Michelle Hoereth
Assistant Provost
William Greenland
Assistant Provost, Institutional Analysis
Elena Zinchenko
Assistant Provost for Research
Benjamin Ransom
Communications Specialist
Geraldine Cole-Heard
Office Assistant
Carol E. Wilinski
Secretary of the Faculties
Trieste Anderson
Administrative Assistant
Michael Tessel
Assistant Provost
Katheryn Rotthoff
Academic Affairs & HR Specialist
Alison Coppelman
Senior Associate
Chris Carrol
Claus Daniel
Associate Lab Director, Advanced Energy Technologies
Karen B. Hellman
Interim Deputy Laboratory Director, Operations & Chief Operating Officer
Susan Rushford
Executive Assistant to the Provost
David Axelrod
Senior Advisor to the President:
Stacy Lindau
Special Advisor to the Provost