Temasek Holdings Private Limited is a Singaporean holding company owned by the Government of Singapore.







Org chart

Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara
Executive Director & CEO

Dilhan Pillay Sandrasegara

Chia Song Hwee
Deputy CEO, Temasek International
Wu Yibing
President, China; Head, Enterprise Development Group (China); Joint Head, Technology & Consumer
Leong Wai Leng
President, Singapore Market
Rohit Sipahimalani
Chief Investment Strategist & Head, South East Asia
Chan Wai Ching
Chief Corporate Officer & Head of Organisation and People
Bob Mainprize
Chief Risk Officer
Cheri Lim
Chief Information Security Officer
Pek Siok Lan
MD, Special Projects
John Marren
Joint Head, North America; Joint Head, Technology & Consumer
Russell Tham
Joint Head, Enterprise Development Group (Singapore); Head, Strategic Development
Ravi Lambah
Head, Investment Group; Head, India
Nagi Hamiyeh
Head, Portfolio Development Group
Benoit Valentin
Head, Private Equity Fund Investments & Senior MD, EMEA
Fidah Alsagoff
Joint Head, Enterprise Development Group (Singapore); Head, Life Sciences
Juliet Teo
Head of Transportation and Logistics & Senior MD, Portfolio Development
Michael Buchanan
Head, Portfolio Strategy & Risk Group; Head, Macro Strategy; Head, Australia & New Zealand
Michael Zeller
Head, AI Strategy & Solutions
Nicolas Debetencourt
Head, Credit & Hybrid Solutions
Uwe Krueger
Head, Industrials, Business Services, Energy & Resources; Joint Head, Europe, Middle East & Africa
Anuj Maheshwari
Managing Director, Investment, Middle East & Africa
Grace Goh
Head, Investment Services
Lorenzo Gonzalez Bosco
Head, Mexico & Andean Region
Kevin Chang
Head, Quantitative Strategy & Performance Analytics
Alpin Mehta
Head, Real Estate & Deputy Head, Private Equity Fund Investments
Fock Wai Hoong
Head, South East Asia & Deputy Head, Technology & Consumer
Johan Dulat
Head, Structuring & Execution
Belinda Chan
Head, Tax
Martin Fichtner
Head, West Coast & Deputy Head, Technology & Consumer
Shaun Seow
Head, Community Stewardship & Managing Director, Singapore Market
Rohit Sobti
Deputy Head, Industrials, Business Services, Energy & Resources
Sherlyn Lim
Deputy Head, Organisation & People
Lim Ming Pey
Deputy Head, Organisation & People & Managing Director, Strategy Office
Sng Ren Yeong
Managing Director, Artificial Intelligence Strategy & Solutions
Mark Lim
Managing Director, Digital Technology
Chua Eu Jin
Managing Director, Institutional Relations & Managing Director, Singapore Market
Pradyumna Agrawal
Managing Director, Investment, Blockchain
Ahn Soyoun
Managing Director, Investment, Credit & Hybrid Solutions
Nicolas Meier
Managing Director, Investment, EMEA
Ranjit Dandekar
Managing Director, Investment, EMEA
Rob Williams
Managing Director, Investment, EMEA
Mohit Bhandari
Managing Director, Investment, India
Vishesh Shrivastav
Managing Director, Investment, India
Aftab Mathur
Managing Director, Investment, Innovation
Suranjan Mukherjee
Managing Director, Cross Asset Macro Portfolio; Managing Director, Public Markets, EMEA & Managing Director, Investment
Ethan Park
Managing Director, Investment, Life Sciences
Claire Ngo
Managing Director, Investment, Private Equity Fund Investments
Amil Shah
Managing Director, Investment, Public Markets & Managing Director, Investment, Energy Transition Commodities
Siddartha Bhattacharjee
Managing Director, Investment, Transportation & Logistics
Kartik Seshan
Managing Director, Investment Data Science
Jason Norman Lee
Joint Head, Legal & Regulatory
Khoo Ken Hui
Managing Director, Legal & Regulatory
Gary Ang
Managing Director, Macro Strategy
Parangam Ray
Managing Director, Organisation & People
Jonathan Popper
Managing Director, Portfolio Development Group
Ravi Balasubramanian
Managing Director, Portfolio Development Group
Lena Goh
Managing Director, Public Affairs
Jeff Johnson
Managing Director, Sustainable Investing & Managing Director, Investment, North America
Wendy Chandra
Managing Director, Technology
Ashok Mirpuri
Head, International Policy & Governance
Gregory Grunberg
Head, Life Sciences, North America