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Org chart

Greg Golub
CEO & Founder

Greg Golub

Bob Lawson
Karthik Murugesan
Chief Technology Officer
Stephen Kim
Chief Legal & Administrative Officer
Vivek Rajanna
Chief Product Officer
Jim Gibson
Chief Financial Officer
David Cook
Chief Information Security Officer
Mark Dunning
Chief Data Officer
Gaurang Telang
Chief Product Officer
Michele Floriani
Principal & CMO
Christina Sullivan
Principal & VP, Sequoia One Practice
Jed Cloern
Principal & Consultant Team Leader
Jose Gonzalez
Principal & VP, Mid Size Practice
Joe Cook
VP, Operations
Francis Coleman
VP, Global Services
Jessica Dean
VP, People
Kate Fahy
VP, Talent Acquisition
Robby Peters
VP of Business Development
Cody Ward ️
VP, Demand Generation Marketing
Kaleana Quibell
VP, Wellbeing & Platform Partners
Joe Lasorte
VP, Global Consulting
Lesley Grady
VP, Enterprise Practice
Matt Roberts
VP, SMB Practice
Molly Knapp
VP, 401(k) Services
Sean Martin
VP, Business Consulting, Sequoia One
Kyle Holm
VP, Total Rewards Advisor
Mark Berkowitz
VP, Business Consulting, Sequoia One
Marshall Wolf
VP, Information Technology
Cathy Santoni
VP, Risk Services
Kristen Peed
Head, Corporate Risk
Christen Sisler
Senior Director, Salesforce
Katie Aldred
Market Insights Director
Prabhat Kumar Saraswat
Director, Data Science
Emad Oughourli
Director of Sales Operations
Trevor Nagle
Director, Software Solution Sales
Camille McDowall (Balasek)
Director, Marketing Events
Peter Gordon
Revenue Director
Steve Stoll
Director, Talent Acquisition Sales Executive Search
Kaveh Soofi
Creative Director
Kelsey Beekley
Senior Communications Manager
Karmelo Navalta
Client Experience Manager
Ashley Turk
Director, Client Service
Danielle Davis
Director, Client Service
George Redmond
Principal Director Employee Advocate Services
Liz Schaefer Mba
Senior Director, Client Service
Marisa Lewis
Director Client Experience
Margaret Hooper
Director, Client Service