National Public Radio is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization based in Washington, DC.






Org chart

John Lansing
President & CEO

John Lansing

Gina Garrubbo
President & CEO, NPM
Michael Smith
Chief Marketing Officer
Isabel Lara
Chief Communications Officer
Leora Hanser
Chief Development Officer
Elizabeth A. Allen
Chief Legal Officer
Selyn Hong
Chief People Officer
Keith Woods
Chief Diversity Officer
Daphne Kwon
CFO & Treasurer
Christopher Turpin
Chief of Staff
Laura Hogan
Chief of Staff to the Chief Content Officer
Edith Chapin
SVP, News & Editor in Chief
Gemma Hooley
SVP, Member Partnership
Anya Grundmann
SVP, Programming & Audience Development
Chris Nelson
SVP, Technology Operations
Nik Khilnani
SVP, Product & Audience Technology
Collin Campbell
SVP, Podcasting Strategy & Franchise Development
Stacey Foxwell
VP, Operations
Malik Abdullah
VP, Product
Michael F. Beach
VP, Distribution
Keith Jenkins
VP, Visuals & Music Strategy
Laura Soto-Barra
VP, Research, Archives & Data Strategy
Eva Rodriguez
VP & Executive Editor
Meg Brennan
VP, Content Business Strategy & Operations
Marta McLellan Ross
VP, Government & External Affairs
Julie Parr
VP, Development
Yolanda Sangweni
VP, Programming & New Content Development
Adrienne Brown
VP, Development Operations & Services
Whitney M. Maddox
VP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion