Notion blends your everyday work tools into one. Product roadmap? Company wiki? Meeting notes? With Notion, they're all in one place, and totally customizable to meet the needs of any workflow. It's the all-in-one workspace for you, your team, and your whole company. We humans are toolmakers by nat... Read more







Org chart

Ivan Zhao
Founder & CEO

Ivan Zhao

Erica Anderson
Chief Revenue Officer
Hasani Caraway
General Counsel
Nate Martins
Head of Content
Fatemeh Alavizadeh
Head of Core Product Engineering
Cheick Keita
Head of Data Products
John Hurley
Head of Product Marketing

Behind the scenes


Be kind and direct.

We deliver feedback in the spirit of helping our colleagues improve, balancing sensitivity with caring honesty. We’re in this together.

Be a truth seeker.

We pursue the best data, ideas, and solutions with rigor and open-mindedness, always guided by our users’ most pressing needs.

Be a pace setter.

We move with urgency so we can set the cadence for our market, cover more ground, and ship more great products and programs for our users, faster.

Be an owner of the mission.

We’re driven by our commitment to empower every person on the planet to use software exactly the way they want.