Molina Healthcare


Molina Healthcare is a FORTUNE 500 company that is focused exclusively on government-sponsored health care programs for families and individuals who qualify for government sponsored health care.





Org chart

Joseph Zubretsky
President & CEO

Joseph Zubretsky

Mark Keim
EVP, Chief Financial Officer
Jason Dees
Chief Medical Officer & EVP, Marketplace
Lawrence Anderson
EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer
Mike P Wilson
SVP, Chief Security Officer
Jeff Barlow
Chief Legal Officer & Secretary
Adora Ejizu
Program Director
Brian L. Maddy
Plan President
Frank Clepper
President / CEO - Molina Healthcare of Nebraska
Ryan R. Sadler
CEO & Plan President, Kentucky
Ram Prakash
Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Minnie Andrade
Plan President, Arizona
Matt Wolf
Plan President, Illinois
Alan Tong
Chief Digital Officer
Randy Barker
Chief Operations Officer, Washington
Chris Coffey
Plan President & CEO, Texas
Amir Desai
Chief Information Officer