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Org chart

Gunnar Bjørkavåg
Chief Executive Officer

Gunnar Bjørkavåg

Kevin Vaseghi
Chief Operating Officer
Espen Bordvik
Chief Customer Officer
Cecilie Behring Hansen
Chief Delivery Officer
Sølve Nord
Chief Financial Officer
Gjermund Norderhaug
Head of Product
Daniel Thor
Chief Strategy Officer
Martin Sætre
Chief Sales Officer

Behind the scenes


Only satisfied with the best

We want to have the best people and create the best products. In our quest to deliver the best shopping experience for our clients’ customers, we’re not settling for anything less than the best. In practice, this means: - We inspire each other by always doing our best - We care about the success of Kindly - We strive to be a workplace that can attract the best talent - We think strategically and can articulate what we want and don't want

Be curious

We challenge convention, dare to stand out, never stop learning, and we willingly explore the unknown. In practice, this means: - We strive to never stop evolving - We contribute outside of our main expertise and job description - We seek to understand our strategy, industry, and customers - We’re not afraid of taking big bets, or getting them wrong

Work together

We believe in a bigger vision, and that’s why we all work hard to contribute to something bigger than each one of us to keep our customers happy. In practice, this means: - We have no ego when searching for the best ideas - We make the time to help our colleagues - We seek what is best for Kindly, rather than what’s best for ourselves or our team - We’re stronger together – when we’re working well across functions, we’re unstoppable

Have fun

We believe there’s a lot of fun to be had in problem solving. That’s why we make sure the job gets done, and that we create a fun and friendly atmosphere doing it. In practice, this means: - We make sure all interactions with Kindly are enjoyable - We celebrate our wins - We believe that success goes hand in hand with enjoying your work - We’re a playful company. We always have been, and we never take ourselves too seriously