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Org chart

Aman Bhutani

Paul Bindel
President, GoDaddy Partners
Laura Messerschmitt
President, GoDaddy International Independents
Gourav Pani
President, US Independents
Lauren Antonoff
President, GoDaddy Experiences
Paul Nicks
President, Domain Registrars and Investors
Demetria Elmore
President of Care & Services
Kasturi Mudulodu
President, Commerce
Jill Schoolenberg
Regional President CAL
Fara Howard
Chief Marketing Officer
Roger Chen
Chief Operating Officer
Mark Mccaffrey
Chief Financial Officer
Monica Bailey
Chief People Officer
Charles Beadnall
Chief Technology Officer
Dan Race
VP, Corporate Communications
Jeremy Hartman
VP, Communications
Thomas Costello
Head of PR & Communications, GoDaddy EMEA
Peter Tharaldson
Senior Director, Advanced Analytics
Sam Nagashima
Director, Analytics
Vineet Kumar
Director, Product Analytics & Data Science