DoorDash is a technology company that connects people all over the world with thousands of restaurants, convenience stores, pet stores, and grocery stores. They were founded on a mission to alleviate delivery orders for small businesses that could not keep up with consumer demand. They wanted to m... Read more







Org chart

Tony Xu
Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman

Tony Xu

Andy Fang
Co-Founder & CTO
Stanley Tang
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Keith Yandell
Chief Business Officer
Kofi Amoo-Gottfried
Chief Marketing Officer
Tom Pickett
Chief Revenue Officer
Justin Grudzien
Chief Information Security Officer
Tia Sherringham
General Counsel
Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean
VP, Communications & Policy
Lisa Lee
VP, Global Culture & Belonging
Julie Tscheuschner
Senior Director of Business Recruiting

Behind the scenes


And, not either/or

We’re not satisfied picking between options or sacrificing one thing for another. We don’t get sucked into false dichotomies and instead, we engineer a way to do both.

Operate at the lowest level of detail

We aspire to know the lowest level of detail so we can make progress on the things that are critical to our business and our Consumers.

Bias for action

In a fast-paced world, the only way to predict the future is to invent it. We launch solutions quickly, test them and make changes as needed because growth compounds.

Consumer-obsessed, not competitor focused

We focus on our Consumers and our performance. We stay connected to the people we serve and learn from them every day.

1% better every day

Our goal isn’t perfection; it’s constant and never-ending improvement. We look for opportunity, share feedback and celebrate a growth-mindset.

Truth seek

We’re not afraid to dig in and uncover the truth, even if it’s scary or inconvenient. We use data and common sense to solve problems.

Choose optimism & have a plan

Positive thinking brings people along and helps us achieve ambitious, often unreasonable goals. We choose optimism, especially when things are tough.

Dream big, start small

We take small ideas and help them grow using data and rigorous testing. We show evidence of progress and then double down.

Be an owner

No problem is too big, too small or outside of our scope. We all jump in and help.

One team, one fight

We’re in this together, and both success and failure are shared. We are intentional about creating a high-accountability, no-blame culture.

Think outside the room

We strive to be as inclusive as possible and consider those who may not be in the room when making decisions.

Make room at the table

We’re committed to growing and empowering a more diverse and inclusive community. We believe that true innovation happens when everyone has the tools, resources and opportunity to thrive.