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Org chart

Hammad Ahmed

Muhammad Arslan
Engineering Manager
Bilal Khalid
Saad Abdullah
Senior DevOps Engineer
Rana Intishib
Sr. UX/UI designer
Ali Warraich
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
Mubasher Ahmed
Engineering Manager
Musab Akram
Engineering Manager
Waseem Abbas
Senior Business Associate
Muhammad Awais
Engineering Manager
Muhammad Zakria Jan
Senior Software Engineer
Hameez Rizwan
Senior Software Engineer
Irfan Shahzad
Engineering Manager
Fahad Ashraf
Team Lead
Bilal Faisal
Engineering Manager

Behind the scenes


Do Better Everyday

•Encourage continuous improvement. •Status quo challenging is encouraged for the overall betterment of the organization. •Encourage knowledge building and information sharing by creating an environment in which innovative ideas are nurtured and developed.

Win Together

•Encourage “We” culture & discourage “I/Me” culture. •Take pride in the accomplishment of teams while respecting differences in opinions and value diverse talents. •Work together for the achievement of common objectives by empowering employees collectively. •Team agenda takes precedence over personal goals.

Trust & Openness

•Always deal in an honest, direct and transparent way. •Create positive relationships with other people and groups. •Generate cooperation between others. •Resolve conflict with others. •Give honest, constructive and candid feedback in a helpful way.

Experiment, Learn & Pivot

•Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. •Seek Challenges. •Revisit your mistakes and learn from them to ensure that it is not repeated. •Implement your learning into your daily tasks.

Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience

•Actively engage with customers. •Ensuring timely actions for continuous improvement in our products and services. •Adopting a proactive approach •we go to the customer's doorstep and do not wait for the customer to come to us.