Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), previously the William H. Gates Foundation, is an American private foundation founded by Bill and Melinda Gates. The primary goals of the foundation are to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty across the globe, and to expand educational opportunit... Read more





Org chart

Mark Suzman

Susan Byrnes
Chief Communications Officer
Ankur Vora
Chief Strategy Officer
Leslie Mays
Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer
Shana Tarbell
Chief Security Officer
Jonathan Castrodale
Chief of Staff & Operations Chief Financial Officer
Olivia Polius
Program CFO
Lauren Bright
General Counsel & Director, Washington, DC. Office
Keith Matthews
General Counsel
Trevor Mundel
President, Global Health
Christopher Elias
President, Global Development
Gargee Ghosh
President, Global Policy & Advocacy
Allan C. Golston
President, US Program
Rodger Voorhies
President, Global Growth & Opportunity
Anita Zaidi
President, Gender Equality & Director, Vaccine Development, Surveillance and EDD
Irene Valdés Wochinger
Director & Chief of Staff, Communications Division
Vidya Vasu-Devan
Director, Strategic Investment Fund
Kieran Daly
Director, Global Health Agencies & Funds
Kim Johnston
Director, Information Technology
Bob Benoit
Director, Global Technology Services
Ru-fong Joanne Cheng
Director, Women’s Health Innovations
Thomas Mitchell
Director, Enterprise Business Management
Elmar Vinh-Thomas
Director, Assurance & Enterprise Risk Management
Ruth Atherton
Director, Legal
Natalie Revelle
Director, Volume Guarantees & Senior Financial Advisor
Aparajita Ramakrishnan
Director, Family Planning
Elmar Vinh-Thomas
Director, Assurance & Enterprise Risk Management
Thushan Wijesinghe
Director, Enterprise Data Solutions
Lekha Davé
Deputy Director, Strategy, Planning, & Management
Chris Gibbons
Deputy Director, US Charters
Cara Bradley
Deputy Director, Giving Pledge
Allison Hein
Deputy Director, Office of the President & Gender Equality Division
Shubha Jayaram
Deputy Director, Strategy, Planning & Management
Natasha Fedo
Deputy Director, Strategy, Planning & Management
Zameer Brey
Interim Deputy Director, Technology Diffusion
Shirley Chen
Deputy Director, Global Health
Annika Berman
Deputy Director, Strategy
Lewis Leiboh
Deputy Director, K-12 Education
Elizabeth Moore
Deputy Director, K-12 Education
Garikai Campbell
Deputy Director, Postsecondary Success
Jaime Zapata
Deputy Director, Channel Strategy & Audience Engagement
Amanda Nicol
Deputy Director, Communications
Sylvia Lin
Deputy Director, Women’s Health Innovations
Archie Cubarrubia
Deputy Director, Postsecondary Success & Pathways
Obai Khalifa
Deputy Director, Agricultural Development
Kevin Miller
Deputy Director, Data & Product Innovation
Michael Galway
Deputy Director, Polio
Daniel Chin
Deputy Director, Global Health
Melanie Brown
Deputy Director, Public Engagement & Insights
Fran Berlioz-Seux
Deputy Director, Translational Sciences
Mei-Yen Ireland
Deputy Director, Postsecondary Success
Margarita Aswani
Deputy Director, Strategy, Planning, & Management
Ari Moskowitz
Deputy Director, Devices & AI
Erin O’Connell
Deputy Director, Employee Engagement