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Org chart

Bill Kerr

Beatriz Guevara
Chief of Staff
Martin Lichtman
Head of Finance
Argentino Molinuevo
Head of Sales
Josefina Cordoba
Creative Director
Leandro Cartelli
Head of Talent
Taina Silingardi
Sr People & Culture Manager
Santiago Nisnik
Head of Product
Robert Dragne
Head of Customer Success
Simone Kier
Head of Growth

Behind the scenes


Make impact, empower others 🌱

Have the courage to dream big. Make decisions that lead to improved outcomes for the world.

Be there for each other 💆🏽

Remember that we are in this together. Support each other to deliver our highest potential.

Driven by integrity 🙌🏼

Build strong relationships with everyone you meet through honesty, integrity and trust.

Passionate and uniquely ourselves 🌈

Be yourself, and allow others to thrive around you. Remember the human behind the work.