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Apollo vs. The Org

By The Org

Last updated: Jan 25, 2024

Should you choose volume or precision? In this comparison, we’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of Apollo’s and The Org's lead generation tools.

Apollo vs. The Org

Access to thousands of leads is par for the course. No sales team will win with that alone — they need leads with a high propensity to buy.

The vast amount of data Apollo makes available has cemented their position as a contact provider in sales intelligence. Meanwhile, org chart data fueling The Org’s lead generation tool results in higher converting outreach efforts. Should you choose volume or precision?

In this comparison, we’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of Apollo’s and The Org’s lead generation tools and look at how they compare to each other in the ever-growing market for sales intelligence software.

What is The Org?

The Org is a sales intelligence platform that offers a powerful lead generation tool. Based on your ideal customer profile, The Org identifies the most promising leads and provides you with a list of companies and people that are ready for you to reach out to.

When you sign up to The Org, you share a bit of information about your buyer persona. Immediately, you’ll get access to the first set of curated leads that you can reach out to, and from then on, you will get a batch of warm, quality leads delivered to your inbox every day.

The Org’s core feature

The Org is the world's biggest network of public org charts. Using this data, The Org can track org changes across more than 300,000 companies and stay up to date on talent movement.

Real-time talent movement data from org charts coupled with intelligent lead scoring generates high-quality data that enables your sales team to not only reach out to the right person, but at exactly the right time.

While talent movement tracking data allows you to monitor previous customers, the information you provide about your buyer persona is run through a proprietary lead-scoring algorithm, allowing you to discover new potential customers.

The Org surfaces leads with a higher propensity to buy based on signals like First Functional Hire that equips your sales team with valuable insights, increasing the chances of successful outreach.

Advantages of The Org

High-quality data. The Org provides the most accurate org charts, allowing you to time your outreach efforts based on updated, real-time data.

Helpful org charts. The Org provides the visual context of leads within the target organization. This improves understanding of the potential customer and allows for easy outreach using The Org’s seamless CRM integrations.

Track changes. The Org tracks talent movement, and by leveraging personal and professional connections, you can act on org changes. Current signals include first functional hire, former customer hire, key executive hire, and general team growth.

Convert more. Prioritizing lead quality over quantity in a data-flooded market, The Org surfaces leads with a higher propensity to buy based on signals and org chart tracking, enabling you to close a higher percentage of your prospects.

Apollo Overview

Apollo is a sales engagement platform where you can generate leads, create email campaigns, and track engagement.

With a large database of contacts, Apollo enables you to find potential leads that match your ideal customer profile. Apollo’s tools can provide insights into prospects and their activities which can help you in tailoring your outreach and increase your chances of making sales.

Apollo has a comprehensive database of 250 million contacts at over 60 million companies, enabling you to get access to high quantities of leads. Of the 250 million contacts, more than 150 million have verified emails and phone numbers, ensuring the usefulness of the contact information.

Advantages of Apollo

A lot of data. Apollo provides a vast and comprehensive database of more than 250 million contacts and companies, many of which have verified contact information.

Phone numbers. Apollo’s database contains more than 120 million dial numbers that salespeople can use for direct outreach.

Advanced search. Users can increase the relevancy of their prospects by applying filters such as industry, company size, location, and job title.

CRM integration. Users are allowed more flexibility as Apollo integrates with popular CRM platforms like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Pipedrive.

Tailored outreach and sequencing. Apollo provides businesses with email tools to create tailored outreach efforts that increase their chances of converting as well as sequencing tools such as A/B testing, analytics, and tracking.

Downsides of Apollo

Pricing. Apollo is more expensive than other sales intelligence software, potentially limiting the platform to businesses with larger budgets.

Data quality. While Apollo has a vast amount of contacts and advanced search capabilities, the focus on the volume of contacts could be compromising data quality if org changes are not tracked in real-time, as evidenced by users reporting that contacts are often mislabeled.

Customer support. Despite overall good reviews on Trustpilot, Apollo receives some criticism for their customer support and lack thereof.

Should I choose Apollo or The Org?

The age-old phrase “quality over quantity” is more important than ever before in sales. In essence, Apollo versus The Org is the battle of quantity versus quality. Apollo’s platform provides access to a massive dataset of more than 250 million contacts, many of which have direct, verified contact information. This is incredibly valuable for sales teams.

Apollo can provide you with access to millions of contacts that you can segment and contact, while The Org provides you with fewer, but higher-quality leads that are curated and sent to you. Ultimately, the choice is yours — a choice between broad or highly-targeted outreach.

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