American Esports


American Esports is the first organization to provide a cohesive products and services solution for the esports industry. The Company is focused on supporting the non-professional gaming community by building an infrastructure of esports centers around the country and offering gaming options that sp... Read more





Org chart

Dani Canubas
Founder, CEO and President

Dani Canubas

Tony Burchard
Chief Growth Officer
Vijay Lakshman
Chief Development Officer
Mark McMahon
Chief Revenue Officer
Ferhan Hamid
Chief Legal Officer
Marcellus R. Cephas
Chief HR Officer
Kim Mason
VP, Products & Fullfillment
Karl Boehm
VP, Research
Ryan Novitski
VP, Esports Educational Development
Lance Fernandez
VP, Communications
Malcolm Williams
SVP, Esports Education & Training Development
Cyril Abocado
Director, IT Project Management
Archy Olaybar
Director Of Web Development
KJ Garcia
Commissioner AE Leagues & Gen Manager
Alex Melendez
Director of Fraternity Engagement