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Org chart

Andy Jassy
President & CEO

Andy Jassy

Adam N. Selipsky
CEO, Amazon Web Services
Douglas J. Herrington
CEO, Worldwide Amazon Stores
Brian T. Olsavsky
SVP & Chief Financial Officer
Stephen Schmidt
Chief Security Officer
David A. Zapolsky
SVP, General Counsel & Secretary
Colleen Aubrey
SVP, Advertising Products & Tech
Drew Herdener
SVP, Worldwide Communications
James Hamilton
SVP, Distinguished Engineer
Beth Galetti
SVP, People eXperience and Technology
Prasad Kalyanaraman
VP, Infrastructure Services
Col Needham
Founder & CEO, IMDb
Emmet Shear
CEO, Twitch
Tobias Straub
CFO, Amazon Devices & Services
Rohit Prasad
SVP & Head Scientist, Alexa
Nadya Dhalla
GM, Alexa Entertainment
Robert Stites
VP, Operations & Supply Chain, Amazon Lab126
Lindo St. Angel
VP, Engineering Lab126
Andrew Bennett
VP, Global Device Partnerships
Robert Williams
VP, Devices
Steve Boom
VP, Music
Vicky Eguia
Head of Publicity, Amazon Original Movies
Tamara Golihew
Head of Amazon Studios Global Entertainment Content Publicity
John Felton
SVP, Worldwide Operations